The Women’s World Cup is big news all around the world


The tournament is breaking viewership numbers across Europe and in the United States. But how is it being seen elsewhere?

The Women’s World Cup is doing great numbers around the world, with a record-breaking number of viewers in several countries. Over 10 million tuned in from France (along with the sold-out crowd) to see their team open the tournament in style, more than doubling the previous record for a women’s soccer match. The England-Scotland game was the most-watched women’s soccer game in UK history, with 6.1 million. Italy also broke their record with 3.5 million viewers who saw their team triumph over Australia. Numbers are up in the US compared to similar matches from 2015 (though of course we’re still a long way from the 26.7 million who watched the final). Spain didn’t set their record (recently set by the Copa de la Reina final last month) but their 859,000 still handily beat the numbers for their men’s team who competed in Euro qualifying against France. Down in Australia, 570,000 saw the game, more than watched the Cricket World Cup match on the same day.

Clearly, something is in the air. But these numbers are all from the big, established countries, who are now apparently taking a step forward in the media landscape. I was curious how this event was being watched in some other parts of the world, where the game has less support. So I put out a call for people to share their experiences. Here are some of the most interesting responses I got:

From Argentina:

“I can report from Argentina that the WWC is getting almost no coverage. I’m obviously not watching every station all the time but I’ve seen two semifinal games in the tournament for promotion from the third league to the second, a replay of every goal scored for or against Liverpool in CL play, two different 30 minute shows on possible moves for Boca after losing in the super liga final, endless gnashing of teeth over the U20 loss to Mali along with the usual slate of major games, highlights and transfer discussions. I’ve seen one report on the Argentina ladies. They beat Long Beach State 2-1 in a friendly.

France vs. South Korea was not broadcast.

That’s the report from soccer mad Argentina. They do not care about the WWC.”

The same correspondent did note the next day that they saw “A nice 8-9 minute piece on the Argentine women’s team and then good highlights and discussion of the games today.”

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From Spain:

From Denmark:

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From Dubai:

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From Switzerland:

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From Poland:

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