USWNT Camp Underdogs: Vanessa DiBernardo


Welcome to a three part series where we take a look at three different players on the USWNT Player pool bubble – or just the outside of it.. We’ll take you through the reasons they may or may not be included in the 2019 USWNT January camp.

Player Name: Vanessa DiBernardo
Current Team: Chicago Red Stars
Chance of them getting a call up: 3/10

Why a call up is due:

DiBernardo has been a mainstay on lists like this for years, and there’s a good reason for it. While she lacks some of the pinpoint precision that defines the core players of the US central midfield setup, she also possesses the sort of searching vision that has generally been lacking in recent years. As one of the best attacking passers in the world, DiBernardo offers a slightly different look—one that could be particularly useful when the US plays weaker teams who hope to pack the channels. She’s no Lauren Holiday, but she might just be the closest approximation in the current US player pool, and the US could certainly use a player like that.

Why it may not happen:

The biggest reason to think DiBernardo won’t get a callup is that all the arguments in her favor have been true for years, with virtually no little evidence that it’s made an impact on Jill Ellis or her staff. DiBernardo would be an interesting move, but one that would fly in the face of Ellis’s longstanding desire to shift attacking play wide and to emphasize physically dominant players in the center. Given those conditions, DiBernardo is simply too far down on the depth chart to fit into the team’s plans in 2019.

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