USMNT Players Show Just How Classless They Are


When news broke this morning about Abby Wambach’s arrest for driving while under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) in Portland, Oregon the United States Women’s National Team players all were quite on the matter.

The Men’s National Team players decided to take a less sensible road.


When called out on his behavior decided to lay in on a profanity riddled Twitter reply.


And then decided to prove he had the high road in a pair of pompous tweets.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.57.07 PM

Abby Wambach is not above criticism for this or anything else she’s done. But acting as though you are taking the high road after turning the DUII charge into a joke in the first place is repugnant. It shows once again just the air of entitlement around the MNT and it’s players.

I can’t see a single player on the WNT making any sort of joke about a MNT player or former player’s DUII. But then One Nation One Team has always only gone one way. 

4 thoughts on “USMNT Players Show Just How Classless They Are

  1. If it was someone else other than Abby, they would probably have been quiet. However, her comments definitely hit a nerve for some of the players on the MNT and this is what happens when you act xenophobic, just look at Donald Trump and how people react to him. (Though I do think the whole Altidore thing was unnecessary since is attacked Solo for no reason).

    1. Except what she said wasn’t really xenophobic. Questionable taste and questionable accuracy, but people fixate on her use of “foreign” like it was a slur when she was really saying JK’s reliance on importing Germans does nothing to advance the US Soccer system.

  2. Twitter is stupid. You getting into a fight with those USMNT idiots on twitter is stupid. And–most of all–Abby, yes ABBY, is stupid for her DUII. Very stupid. VERY disappointed in her. Bad role model.


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