The Unused Sub: When Silly Soccer Boys Tweet


You know what seems very unnecessary? That upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.


Well, last weekend sure had two matches stand out for different reasons, didn’t they?

Washington Spirit/Sky Blue FC was a barn-burner with seven goals. I think most of us are still recovering from all that back & forth action. Then you had the first installment of the Cascadia Rivalry in 2017 with Seattle Reign FC/Portland Thorns at times resembling a demolition derby that here and there had some moments of soccer. I get it being a rivalry and wanting to come off the block swinging, but Seattle sure had some piss & vinegar in them on Saturday night. Maybe – probably – because of what happened to them in Boston the week before, they came out surly. It was a blessing and a curse, with the highlight of the blessing being that absolute fireball Jess Fishlock blasted. Rightfully she won Goal of the Week honors because of it.

On the flip side, it sure was a physical match that had both coaches Mark Parsons & Laura Harvey yelling at various times at the officials. Four yellows were issued where there surely could have been more, and probably should have been. I don’t know – I’ve always looked at rivalry matches as being something unique and tough for a match official to preside over. Obviously you don’t want to let it get out of hand and run the risk of a brawl or serious injury happening, but you don’t want to call it Tupperware-tight, and you’ve got to give them the respect to let them play. The next two installments in the regular season will happen at Memorial Stadium and I imagine the context of last weekend’s installment will be remembered by whoever is officiating those ones.

And I am in full agreement with Reign FC head coach Laura Harvey that last Saturday’s match would have made for great TV.


Stop me if you’ve heard of this before: Jean-Michel Aulas, chairman & owner of Olympique Lyonnais is thirsty again.

This prompted Portland Thorns FC owner Merritt Paulson to tell Aulas to get his drink elsewhere.

All sports teams owners are egomaniacs and it’s all to our entertainment. Most, if not all, people here in Seattle get a kick out of it whenever Paulson tweets something because within five minutes he will delete it; hence it’s surprising his tweets to Aulas are still standing. Aulas would probably stop short of tampering to try and get players to join his women’s superteam. You know what – it’s all funny to me. It may not make sense to a lot of us, but you can’t accuse them or any other people of their ilk that they don’t care about their investments. Everyone just has a unique way of expressing it. It may not make sense to plebeians like you and me, but if you had their bank accounts, yeah you’d probably act a little bit off too. That said, I did like Paulson objecting and basically telling Aulas, “Come at me bro.” He cares about his players and wants to keep them in Portland, as he should. Much like Aulas cares about constantly trying to get talent to come to Lyon and the NWSL definitely is producing some talent. Some are just hilariously vocal about displaying their devotion to the team they own like Paulson and Aulas, while others aren’t. This may be the first time we’ve seen Paulson interact with Aulas, but certainly won’t be the last.

Would a friendly between Lyon and Portland Thorns be entertaining? Absolutely.

You know what would be just as entertaining if not more – Aulas & Paulson throwing hands.

Oh and I would not be surprised if Allie Long was playing for Lyon in the near future. Maybe after the 2019 World Cup.


What’s with Saturday’s games kicking off at the same time? Oh well.

Sky Blue FC OVER Houston Dash.
I really want Houston to get the results here because I really want to believe (and be confirmed) that they are better without a certain midfielder playing overseas at the moment. That said Sky Blue just seems hungry for revenge after that barn burner they had against Washington and will want to take it out on someone. Unfortunately that is Houston. However if Houston gets the result here, I would not be bummed about getting this prediction wrong.

Seattle Reign FC OVER Washington Spirit.
FC Kansas City and Portland Thorns FC play to a DRAW.
North Carolina Courage OVER Orlando Pride.
Chicago Red Stars and Boston Breakers play to a DRAW.

With that out of the way, here’s what you all came for, this week’s music video break.

Song: “Stayin’ Alive” | Artist: Say Lou Lou

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