The Future of NWSL Kits?


In the historic 4th season of the NWSL, the league’s kits have been pretty standard and boring.  In fact, all of the 2016 kits were stock Nike designs that simply matched team colors; even Portland ditched their custom kits in favor of the stock options. 

Hoping to inspire a little creativity and growth in team styles, some fans have been experimenting with designing custom kits this off-season. And after one amazing example made the rounds on social media recently, Backline Soccer asked their creator Prathibha Madsen–a Danish USWNT fan living in Denmark–about her mock-ups and ideas on how to spiff up NWSL kits. Here is what she had to say:

Backline Soccer (BS): Why did you make the custom kits?

Prathibha Madsen (PM): I think that the current NWSL kits are a bit boring, in the sense of, it’s a design that you’ve seen many times before. I first got the idea for the Chicago one, with the skyline. I wanted to make the kit more personal; in terms of the city Chicago. And I just went from there.

(BS): Do you think the NWSL would sell more if they went with bolder designs or should they play safe?

(PM): I made a Home, Away and third kit for each team. The overall responses have been very positive, and judging by twitter, it seems like people would be willing to invest in at least one of the kits. So, yeah, I think that if the NWSL personalized their kits to the teams more, they would sell more.

(BS): Favorite current NWSL kit?

(PM): I would probably have to say, that my favorite current kits, is the Houston Away kit. I like the color combination, and it’s not as predictable as the other kits.

It might be awhile before we see all ten teams, or however many make up the league in the future, wear custom kits designed specifically for them. Until then these mockups will have to do.

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