The Furt & the Fabulous, Episode 1


Welcome to the Furt and the Fabulous. A new series that looks at the highs and lows in the world of WoSo. Each week I will be giving 2 to 4 Furts (the bad stuff) and 2 to 4 Fabulouses (the good stuff).

The Furt

Furt #1: USSF Interrupts the NWSL Season . . . Again . . .

In a season with no Olympics or World Cup USSF has decided to host a second four-team tournament. After the USWNT came in 4th out of 4 teams in March during the SheBelieves Cup, they’ll now be trying their luck against Japan, Australia and Brazil. 

As Jordan Small reported last week,

The U.S. will open the tournament on July 27 in Seattle when they take on Australia. They will then travel to San Diego to take on Brazil on July 30. The tournament will wrap up on Aug. 3 when the team takes on Japan at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.

I have nothing against the USWNT playing these three teams. I am against them doing it in the middle of the NWSL season, forcing the national team players to miss at least one game after the tournament, likely another one before (if past history is any indication), and possibly more for recovery.

Furt #2: NWSL Attendance is Starting to be Concerning

We need to start being worried about attendance.

I am not one to be an alarmist when it comes to attendance in general. But even I can’t look at less than 1,800 people at a game featuring two popular teams and not be worried.

Yes, it’s May.

Yes, the games are during the day and not 7 pm.

Yes, some of the bigger Portland stars and Amy Rodriguez are MIA.

But this is not something unique to this weekend. Numbers are down across the league and across the weeks. And teams are seeing dips in attendance rather than rising numbers.

Seattle had 3,521 tickets sold opening weekend and now, in the fifth week, pulled 500 less. And yes, I know the Sounders are out-of-town playing Chicago this week. But did 500 joint Sounder/Reign fans make the trip? Doubtful.

What worries me more is FC Kansas City, who sold 3340 tickets opening weekend but pulled just 1,796 against Portland this week. Even with ARod out that is not a great sign for the two-time champs.

I don’t believe this is all Lifetime putting the game of the week on at 4 pm Eastern time. It likely doesn’t help, but there’s something more going on here, and we should be getting a little concerned.

The Fabulous

Fabulous #1: The Homi Assists 4 goals and Scores 1.

Nahomi Kawasumi is good at soccer in case anyone had forgotten. Four assists in a month of soccer is pretty damn good. Four assists in one game is a level of vision and talent that shows just how great this World Cup winner really is.

The Homi set up goals for Christine Nairn in the 20th minute and Bev Yanez in the 35th minute. Then, after what I can only assume was a Popeye can of spinach at halftime, she assisted Megan Rapinoe in the 71st and Lindsey Elston 8 minutes later in the 79th. And, to top it off, she also threw in a goal of her own in the 68th minute, just to mix things up a bit.

Plus, some of Naho’s work led to this very gifable moment.

Fabulous #2: Kerr and Galton Score a Pair of Beauties 

There are few things that make me as happy as Sam Kerr doing Sam Kerr things all over the pitch, except maybe Sam Kerr and Leah Galton doing their thing together.

With Kelley O’Hara out of the match a lot of the pressure was put on Kerr and Galton and company to get the 3 points on the road for Sky Blue.

And oh boy did they deliver.

Poor Lydia Williams was left out to dry more often than wash in the summer, but it took some excellent work to capitalize. And both of these shots would be near impossible for any goalkeeper to stop.

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