The Furt and the Fabulous: Episode 2


I am back with my recurring series of The Furt and the Fabulous. A look at the best and worst of the week. Let’s dig in.

The Furt

The Refs Need to be Better

The NWSL had had an issue with consistent officiating since the league started. Lately, it seems that games will either have five yellows and a red card or no cards at all. The inconsistency between games leads to constant questioning of what will and won’t be called between games.

And yellow cards seem to just be out of control so far this season. Boston already has 12 of them. North Carolina has 9 while Sky Blue, Washington, and Seattle each have 8. Chicago, Portland, and Orlando each have 7 while Houston has 6 and FCKC has only 4. That is 76 yellow cards in Week 7. I’m not saying they were all bad calls. Some of those cards were well deserved. But some of them, a good number of them, were due to the refs failing to control the game from the start, and needing to impose order later on. 

We can only hope going forward that the refs start gaining more control in games and are more consistent between games. Though pigs may fly first.

Texas is Too Damn Hot

The clip above is Rachel Daly going down after playing 90+ minutes in the 90 degree+ heat of Texas in the middle of the day.

This game shouldn’t have happened.

There was a backup game for Lifetime to swap to if they wanted to keep their 4 pm ET slot. They could have switched to North Carolina at Chicago, a game that featured some great soccer. It would have been a little annoying I’m sure to swap to that game and move the Dash game against Seattle later in the day. But it should have happened. For the safety of the players and the fans.

It should have happened because we know what happens to the human body when you run for 90 minutes in 90+ heat and nearly 100% humidity. We know what happens when players play in that sort of heat and what the lasting effects on their bodies and the game are. The league, Lifetime, the players themselves all knew this game should have been moved. But the new TV deal superseded player safety. Something that should never, ever happen.

Let’s hope that the league looks at this carefully and it doesn’t take Christen Press passing out after a game in Orlando or Alex Morgan returning back to the league and heading to Orlando just to get heat stroke from a 4 pm kickoff to change things.

The Fabulous

Sauerbrunn Scored, Angels Sung

When Becky Sauerbrunn scores angels get their wings. It’s something that doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s accompanied by her trademark jumping up and down and the whole team swarming her in celebration.

There are defenders that get in on the scoring action more the others. But Sauerbrunn is usually worried about holding back and cleaning up after other’s mistakes. But now and then on a set-piece, she’s able to rise up and strike gold.

Sauerbrunn is so good even the person marking her had to admit how good she is.

Sheridan is a Beast

Sheridan has been so good I’m giving her two gifs.

Just voted to the Best XI for May, Sheridan is having quite the rookie season. So far she has started all of the games in goal for Sky Blue. The Canadian International has 33 saves, most in the NWSL right now, in 8 games, playing all 720 minutes.

It’s not just the saves she’s making that has Sheridan standing out. She is playing with a confidence that goalkeepers work years on building up. Handling her backline and working on the finer points of professional goalkeeping … well, she might be a rookie, but she knows how to manage and organize her defense, something Sky Blue has needed over the past few seasons. For all the talk of who might or might not be Rookie of the Year, personally, I think as of now Sheridan might be Goalkeeper of the Year.

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