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» July 3, 2019

The USA vs. France may have been deemed #LeGrandMatch on social media, but it was the Swedish national team that shocked the world in the quarterfinals when they defeated Germany […]

» June 27, 2019

Time is a funny thing. We always think we’re going to have more of it. That we can do more with what time we have. In sports time is everything. […]

» June 24, 2019

You know that scene in Black Panther when Killmonger and T’Challa fight for the first time and at the end, Killmonger points down at a bloody and beaten T’Challa and […]

» June 23, 2019

Emotions ran high during Sunday’s meeting between England and Cameroon. Cameroon qualified for the Round of 16 thanks to a stoppage time goal from Ajara Nchout that lifted them to […]

» June 22, 2019

Australia entered the World Cup and were seen as a team that should go far. With Sam Kerr having two record seasons in the NWSL, she is without a doubt […]

» May 21, 2019

In The Making of the Women’s World Cup: Defining Stories from a Sport’s Coming of Age, Kieran Theivam and Jeff Kassouf take us on a journey across seven tournaments, spanning […]

» April 22, 2019

In some ways the 2019 USWNT roster is the easiest USWNT in years to predict. The forwards are pretty much set, the midfielders are too, defenders are all here and […]

» April 9, 2019

Like most who follow the National Women’s Soccer League, I’ve been eagerly counting down the days to the start of the 2019 season. The off-season lacked a bit of drama […]

» April 18, 2018

Welcome to Euro Roundup! This edition will be a bit different: with European World Cup qualifying nearing the end, we will take a look at how recent qualifiers have gone […]

» April 5, 2018

WSL Title Race The NWSL may have just started but other leagues are nearing the end of their current seasons. One, in particular, is WSL1, which saw a big shock […]

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