» June 20, 2019

June 20: Matchday 14 The group stage is over. It took 14 days and 32 games to eliminate a grand total of eight teams. It’s actually kind of a silly […]

» June 16, 2019

June 16: Matchday 10 Sweden 5 – 1 Thailand Sweden get the three points, as expected, and pretty easily in the process. This group is very strange, with both of […]

» June 14, 2019

Ada Hegerberg doesn’t play for Norway. But this isn’t a piece about if she should or shouldn’t play for them. Alex Morgan plays for the Orlando Pride and US women’s national […]

» June 12, 2019

I think I finally settled on my feelings and how I see this game. And in those thoughts a few things are true. None of them are the fault of the players. 

» June 11, 2019

June 11: Matchday 5 New Zealand 0 – 1 Netherlands I was only able to watch about 20 minutes of this game (see below in the Notes), but I followed […]

» June 11, 2019

I just attended my first World Cup game featuring the United States, my home country. A game which they won by an absurd margin. Am I happy? No. I feel […]

» June 6, 2019

There has been a lot of great content happening around the lead up to the Women’s World Cup kicking off on Friday. I wanted to take the time to highlight […]

» June 5, 2019

Alex Morgan has over 100 caps and 100 games for her national team. She has a World Cup title. She’s has an Olympic gold medal at home too. And an NWSL title. And a Champions League title.

» May 29, 2019

Will Jill Ellis play Tobin Heath as an outside back in France?  For a while on Sunday afternoon, as the USWNT took on Mexico, that’s exactly where she was. Though […]

» May 28, 2019

Carl Gulbish caught the action in the as Mexico took on the USWNT. This was the USWNT’s last game before heading to the Women’s World Cup.  

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