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» August 11, 2017

Kelley Piper Hi. UNPOPULAR… BUT SURELY A PROVOCATIVE OPINION Most of the time I look past whenever people are playing the occasional hashtag game on Twitter. However taking part in […]

» July 7, 2017

Next week is my birthday. So here’s to me getting old. SO ABOUT JERSEY & SEATTLE Sam Kerr and Megan Rapinoe are beyond on fire–they’re straight nuclear. I think both […]

» June 23, 2017

Don’t mind me as I am just thinking out loud, but I think I want a Sam Kerr jersey. I wonder who do I know that can make such arrangements […]

» June 16, 2017

So did anything interesting happen in the world of WoSo? THIS FIFA BREAK WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PROBLEM-FREE! And then we saw the announcement that Boston Breakers midfielder Rose Lavelle […]

» June 2, 2017

How was your Memorial Day weekend? I spent one evening watching two movies, Independence Day: Resurgence and Suicide Squad. Yep, they were bad. SO ABOUT THE HOUSTON DASH And so […]

» May 26, 2017

I’ll leave a thorough recap of Wednesday night’s North Carolina Courage/Sky Blue FC match to the professionals here on this site, but goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan probably got her some Player […]

» May 19, 2017

This week’s installment has a lot of words for once. AND SO THE MALLORY PUGH ERA IS UPON US It started last Saturday with The Decision 2.0. Mallory Pugh was […]

» May 12, 2017

You know what seems very unnecessary? That upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. SO ABOUT LAST WEEKEND Well, last weekend sure had two matches stand out for different reasons, didn’t […]

» May 5, 2017

How in God’s name are we in the first week of May?! WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND HERE!? I DON’T LIKE CHANGE! Actually I do, and thereĀ are some new faces […]

» April 17, 2017

The Unused Sub is a weekly musings piece by Jacob Cristobal because he has fooled the world into thinking he has valuable opinions about soccer. So yeah. You may remember […]

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