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» June 24, 2019

You know that scene in Black Panther when Killmonger and T’Challa fight for the first time and at the end, Killmonger points down at a bloody and beaten T’Challa and […]

» June 24, 2019

I have, at times, been a Jill Ellis apologist. But not today.

» June 21, 2019

Tomorrow begins the knockout stage. While we all take a break today, here is a preview for each match. If you want a bit more detail on a couple of […]

» June 12, 2019

June 12: Matchday 6 Nigeria 2 – 0 South Korea So far, the World Cup has mostly been games with clear favorites trying to overcome plucky underdogs, with only one […]

» June 9, 2019

June 8: Matchday 2 Germany 1 – 0 China This was not a very good game, and most of the blame for that falls on the referee (see below). But […]

» June 6, 2019

Something strange happened this spring. A team that most casual fans probably hadn’t given two thoughts were suddenly everyone’s favorite ‘dark horse’ for the World Cup. And it’s not hard […]

» April 18, 2018

Welcome to Euro Roundup! This edition will be a bit different: with European World Cup qualifying nearing the end, we will take a look at how recent qualifiers have gone […]

» March 21, 2018

Snow Joke Recently, the UK has been going through some testing times with the weather. At the start of March, a snow storm wreaked havoc everywhere—something we’re not used to. […]

» January 29, 2018

Welcome back to Euro Roundup. I hope you all enjoyed the first installment and will be looking forward to many more to come. If there’s anything that you would like […]

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