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» August 19, 2018

Dan and RJ answer questions in Mail Bag about “who should be the USMNT GM, should we be worried about the USWNT going into the Women’s World Cup, and which […]

» August 12, 2018

RJ and Dan take some mail bag questions before they talk about The USWNT’s win at the Tournament of Nations as well as the USMNT’s new GM, Earnie Stewart. powered […]

» July 1, 2018

RJ and Dan start off taking take some questions about the new USMNT GM, if they would want to be a coach, a GM or an owner and so much […]

» June 12, 2018

RJ and Dan talk about pro/rel.  powered by podcast garden Check us out on iTunes.

» May 31, 2018

Dan and RJ tackle the mailbag for a full episode. powered by podcast garden Check us out on iTunes.

» May 11, 2018

Dan and RJ start the show with two mail bag questions that see them talking the USSF election and bad ownership. In the main topic they talk about changes to […]

» April 27, 2018

To kick off our first episode, Dan and RJ answer some burning questions in Mail Bag, then they talk about some of their favorite players. From the Duce to Captain […]

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