“No tengan miedo a soñar” Un Entrevista con Raquel Rodriguez


For people who are not familizada with footballer’Rocky’ Raquel Rodriguez, here are some facts of miedocampista of Costa Rica.   She played with Le selection Costa Rica since 2009, and in 2015 the team participated in the premier FIFA World Cup football in Canada. Rodriguez was a historic moment against Spain when he noticed the premier goal for her team in a World Cup. Following story in his college career with Penn State, Rodriguez helped the Nittany Lions to a national title. In the final against Duke the score was 1-0 with Rodriguez putting the goal. The championship was the first national title for the university.

Rodriguez was the second selected by Sky Blue FC to play in the league nwsl player. When Sky Blue FC faced the Chicago Red Stars, Rocky talk to us after the game on nwsl, football in Costa Rica, and his two loves: soccer and ice cream.

Backline Soccer (BS): I mean congratulations on your nwsl season premiere. How are you adapting to the league game?

Raquel Rodriguez (RR): Well, I think the league is pretty intense. I like the fact that every game is not known who will win. There are differences in many other leagues. And I think we are building Blue Sky is a new team with many new people, who are called rookies are starting forming and trained, but I think we are establishing the elements of fairly solid team and that takes time. So I think we are on track, and spend the season as the idea is to keep improving and I think we are showing that.

BS: You’re young, but you have a lot of experience playing for Costa Rica, you’re winning Mac Hermann Trophy and a national title with Penn State. Why did you choose to play in nwsl instead of a European club or league?

RR: Well the main reason is because it has not finished college career and I are still trained and nwsl is perfect because it’s only ifs months a year and then after the season I use that time to train international. It also made sense because I’m better known in the United States rather than Europe or elsewhere. But I think there were several factors, right? And in the end I am very grateful, first, God, for opening the doors with Blue Sky and second by Sky Blue for trusting me and believing in me.

BS: Can you talk about your experience at the World Cup with Costa Rica?

RR: It was a unique experience. I always say it was a dream come true. Because it was only the first World Cup in which Costa Rica participates and is very symbolic that not so many years of struggle for women’s football in Costa Rica. I am sure that we are not the only country that is struggling more and more popularity in football support. But the World think it was the end of a hard cover as there is ignorance in women’s football in Costa Rica and the start of a cover development and women’s football development. So I was very sentimental part of all the experiences we had.

BS: Do you feel more support with the federation after the World Cup?

RR: Yes, of course. I think the most important thing was the communication that has now developed between the federation and the players. At the end those which appreciated. That we know that what is happening and now they do things that did not exist, perhaps, I think the media also have been in fact now, follow me follow me or someone like me, and report. Report of us. It is no longer only men’s soccer, football is feminine and even other sports. Then after I think the world already made gigantados steps.

BS: I played with two national flagships, Shirley Cruz with Costa Rica and Christie Rampone of USA. UU by Sky Blue. Can you talk about the differences or what you have in common with them?

RR: Every captain, each leader is different. It holds its own. Shirley is a very passionate player, with a lot of courage, and a lot of heart. That’s the way to play it shows. She is the soul into the team playing. It is the soul, the motor. Christie alone with his presence gives security. She is the kind of leader who made good in the game and it gives you something one by one. If she sees someone, she grabs the player and gives some tips. Then to have it is an honor, it is a great privilege. They are those things I thank God for giving me such examples.

BS: This is a question for fans of Penn State. There is an ice cream parlor’Penn State Creamery’ What’s your favorite flavor?

RR: Oh, I have to say, I love ice cream! [Laughs] Of all the desserts and sweets, I love ice cream. But with Oreo Vanilla is my favorite. But at Penn State Creamery had many flavors, and I can eat all the flavors! I can take a few shakes every day, but I can not. [Laughs] I have to keep playing shape.

BS: I have a question for your family. Nwsl games are live on YouTube. Your family and friends can see their games on the internet?

RR: Yeah, that’s great for my parents. Everybody. They are excited by the ease to watch the games. On the internet, Youtube, super good.

BS: Can you say a few words or advice for young Latinas who are watching the games on Costa Rica or nwsl on YouTube and want to dream and be like you?

RR: First, I always say, do not be afraid to dream. In my case I had many dreams when I was chiquitita with football. But I understood that God was all that could open the doors, and I also understood that he was even better than I imagined plans. So first I prayed much to the Lord and I will express my feelings trusting Him. And on the other hand, worked hard towards my hand, much discipline, much sacrifice, but always with the goal in my mind. But never be afraid to dream. Not have to be football, you can dream whatever. I’ve always known about types of nerves of fear. But if you do not touch the nerves, we will not know much what we want.

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