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» May 21, 2019

In The Making of the Women’s World Cup: Defining Stories from a Sport’s Coming of Age, Kieran Theivam and Jeff Kassouf take us on a journey across seven tournaments, spanning […]

» May 20, 2019

Kat Farris was on the sideline to capture all the action during the USWNT game vs New Zealand.

» May 20, 2019

FC Barcelona, known for their dominance in Spanish football, are pushing for rivals Real Madrid to field a women’s team in an effort to use El Clasico to boost the […]

» May 16, 2019

The Chicago Red Stars showed this weekend how North Carolina can be defeated. Other teams may try to emulate them…at their own risk. The North Carolina Courage lost this weekend, […]

» May 16, 2019

The Game Changers is a weekly series looking at the most important results of each week. Each section will look at one team and how its win, loss, or draw […]

» May 15, 2019

RJ and Luis tackle the NWSL in week 4. They go over red cards, missed yellows and predict the next week of NWSL matches.

» May 13, 2019

This power ranking is not reactionary. This power ranking takes outside factors like weather and injuries into account. It has bias—yours when you read it and mine when I wrote […]

» May 9, 2019

Charles Olney (@olneyce): Welcome to this week’s Backline Soccer Chat. We’ve got some national team news to discuss, some NWSL games to cover, and even a few new NWSL signings to […]

» May 7, 2019

Sky Blue FC may not have unlocked the key to scoring goals and winning games yet in 2019 but they have proven to be one of the more exciting teams […]

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