Meet the NWSL Dogs of Social Media


Instagram is a great place for dogs. Honestly, who doesn’t love logging onto their Instagram account and seeing adorable pups? The NWSL is full of dogs— in fact, I think Allie Long said last night on Alex Morgan’s Instagram Stories that she wants two more, bringing her total to four. And come on, we can’t all pretend like we didn’t get really excited to find out it was Pups at the Pitch night in Houston last week. Here is a list of some of my favorite NWSL Dogs of Instagram: 

The Dogs

1.Blue (Alex Morgan)— Alex Morgan and her husband, L.A Galaxy Midfielder Servando Carrasco, got their dog Blue last year. Blue has come a long way since his puppy days: 

Can't get enough of this lil man. Happy #nationalpuppyday everyone!

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Blue has many interests, including helping his dad fish.

And smiling for the camera.

Just like his momma, not camera shy at all. #daboy #BlueShaquilleonealCarrasco

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Also, we all know he can totally rock those shoes.


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2. Tink (Jane Campbell)— Okay, so unfortunately Jane Campbell hasn’t posted any photos of Tink on her Instagram account, but Tink features in her Instagram Stories all the time. The little ball of fluff loves to play with her toys, and according to Campbell, resembles Nemo from Finding Nemo. Here is a picture of Tink taken from Campbell’s Twitter.

3. Ollie (Sofia Huerta)— Sofia Huerta took it to the next level with her dog Ollie. Not only does Ollie feature on Huerta’s Instagram account frequently, but she also has herown Instagram account, @olliemarz. Ollie is always up on the latest fashion trends, and can totally rock a pair of reindeer sunglasses.

Merry Xmas eve woof!

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She enjoys playing around with her parents and having a good time. 

Just chilling

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Even when Mom makes her run. 

Post run w/ mom!

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She’s always happy to snag a photo with her superstar mom.

@olliemarz smiles!!!!

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4. Zoe (Toni Pressley)— Orlando Pride defender Toni Pressley loves to share photos and videos of her dog, Zoe. How could anyone resist that smile?

National Puppy(Angel) Day 🤗

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And she loves snuggling with her toys.


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It appears there might be some tension in that household right now, but I’m sure it’s just a phase.

5. Wilma (Rose Lavelle)— Finally, we come to Rose Lavelle, and her dog Wilma. Lavelle loves dogs, and appears to be magnetically drawn to them even when she’s on the road.

4 giant Newfoundlands on their evening walk. I was in awe

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But Lavelle’s favorite dog is her own dog, Wilma. Wilma has been a part of the Lavelle family since 2012. She never misses a chance to cuddle with her mom.

Just want you guys to see how massive Wilma’s head is

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She loves dressing up and getting into the holiday spirit.

Didn’t get a visit from the Easter Bunny this year:(

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And she loves hanging out with Mom and her friends.

Two potatoes came to Purdue to visit today

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Here is a compilation Lavelle made of some of their best moments.

These are just some of my favorite dogs in the NWSL, but there are tons more. Who are your favorite NWSL dogs?


Image courtesy of Leanne Keator