Introducing the Backline Soccer Podcast Network


We love podcasting.

It’s become one of our favorite things we’ve been able to do since joining the media side of the women’s soccer landscape. We love talking about soccer with each other, with other women’s soccer media personalities, and with our fans. 

So, as we gear up for the 2017 season, we would like to introduce the Backline Soccer Podcast Network, the under which our existing and new podcast series will be released. At the moment, the network includes our four diverse podcasts:

The Scouting Report/The Scouting Special Report:

TSR is our longest running show. It’s a live webcast done weekly and streamed live on YouTube. (We also put the podcast up on iTunes to aid those who either can’t watch the live show or prefer the iTunes format.) The Scouting Special Report is pretty much any TSR that isn’t on a Monday at 8 pm EST during the NWSL season, usually focused on big news in the WoSo world, or USWNT matches.

TSR Interviews:

We are lucky to be able to do some really amazing player and coach interviews here at Backline Soccer. When we are able to do these they belong to our interview series.

Quick Shots:

Media members have conversations all the time with each other and sometimes we are lucky enough to get another media member to have one of those conversations on camera. Quick Shots is sporadic but pops up when needed.

The 123rd Minute:

Our brand new show, featuring Backline Soccer’s RJ Allen and Charles Olney of Stars and Stripes. The 123rd allows us to take a deep dive into a subject that interests us or we feel is overlooked. Though it will usually be topical or current in some sense, it will not always be directly tied to recent events. We often look back to look forward. 

The Scouting Report/The Scouting Special Report, TSR Interviews, and Quick Shots can be found on YouTube, Podbean or iTunes.

The 123rd Minute can be found on Podbean or iTunes. 123rd also has a Twitter.