Interviews with Emma: Jess McDonald


Emma Bayer is an 11-year-old who does a recurring interview series for Backline Soccer. You can find more out about how Emma got into soccer here.

Jess McDonald has played in quite a few cities during her career; Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Houston, Rochester, New York, and currently Cary, North Carolina. She scored in double figures in two of those seasons. She also played with the Melbourne Victory in the Australian W-League for one season.


February 28, 1988.

Nickname from teammates:

Jessy Mac, Jess Mac, Jessy Jess, or Jess.


Phoenix, Arizona.

Age started playing:



Phoenix College and the University of North Carolina. History.

Career aspirations after soccer:

Consulting people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Why did you pick your particular uniform:

My big brother, Brandon McDonald, has been an idol of mine my whole life. His number was 14, so I thought I would continue to follow in his footsteps.

Pregame meal:

Pancakes with eggs, and sometimes bacon.

Workout music:

Hip Hop and African Music.

Favorite cartoon character:

Tweety Bird.

Fave movie:

Bad Moms.

Fave actor:

Male, Will Smith. Female, Mila Kunis.

Hidden talent:

I can flutter my eyes very fast.

Mentor (in soccer or life):

My big brother, Brandon McDonald.

Fave charity/cause:

Compassion Experience.

Life motto:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13




A corn snake and a betta fish.

If you were going on Amazing Race, which teammate would you want as a partner, and why?

Abby Erceg, the woman is simply not human.

If you had your own reality show, what would it be called?

The Life of Jess McDonald.