Interviews with Emma: Elizabeth Eddy


Emma Bayer is an 11-year-old who does a recurring interview series for Backline Soccer. You can find more out about how Emma got into soccer here.

Birthdate: 9-13-91

Nickname from teammates: Liz

Hometown: Newport Beach, Ca

Age started playing: 5

College/major: Business and Communication 

Career aspirations after soccer: Entrepreneur 

Why did you pick your particular uniform #: 4 is my favorite number 

Pregame meal: Anything, I don’t like to be in a position to have to have anything 

Workout music: Music giving Jesus glory and most other music ie Chainsmokers or Shawn Mendes and lots more 

Favorite cartoon character: Pocahontas

Fave movie: Remember the Titans, The Swiss Family Robinson and Sound of Music 

Fave actress: Meryl Streep

Hidden talent: Drone Accident Survivor 

Mentor (in soccer or life): My Dad 

Fave charity/cause: Life Rolls On 

Life motto: John 10:10 Jesus says ‘I came not that you might have life, but life to the full.’

Superstitions: None 

Pets: Family Dog: Sadie, Australian Border Collie 

If you were going on Amazing Race, which teammate would you want as a partner, and why?  Merry Speck because in the Drone Accident she was timely and helpful. 

Image courtesy of Corri Goates
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