Interviews with Emma: Ashley Hatch


Emma Bayer is an 11 year old who will be doing a recurring interview series for Backline Soccer. You can find more out about how Emma got in to soccer here.

Ashley Hatch has had a short, but successful NWSL career. She was Rookie of the Year with the North Carolina Courage this season, and is currently playing in Australia. 


May 25, 1995

Nickname from teammates:

In college my nick name was Ash Smash or just Smash. For the Courage my nickname is Hatchey


Gilbert Arizona

Age you started playing soccer:

Age 8


Family Life

Career aspirations after soccer:

My dream job besides playing soccer is to one day be a mother but I would also love to go back to school and get my masters to be a social worker of some sort and soccer coach.

Why did you pick your particular uniform number:

My favorite number is 33. That was my number growing up in college and I choose it because I wanted a number that wasn’t common and I also have 6 members in my family and 3+3 = 6. I didn’t choose #12 for my rookie season in the NWSL. 

Pregame meal:

I don’t eat anything specific. I just make sure I eat enough of whatever sounds good at the time but when we have away trips I usually find myself eating pancakes for the meal before the game.

Workout music:

I love listening to all types of music when I’m working out but one of my favorite bands is the Chainsmokers.

Favorite cartoon character:

Bugs Bunny

Fave movie:

“She’s the Man” will always be a movie at the top of my list but I love so many movies so it’s hard to pick just one.

Fave actress:

Blake Lively

Hidden talent:

I love water painting and I am really good at telling cheesy jokes.

Mentor (in soccer or life):

My Dad is my mentor in life and in soccer. He’s the one I go to for everything because he knows how to help me get through all the hard time and all the good times.

Fave charity/cause:

Helping Hands through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Life motto:

“Life is to be enjoyed… not just endured.” Gordon B. Hinckley


Blue pre-wrap headband for game-days is a must!

Any pets?:

I had a pet bunny named “Fluffy” growing up. I don’t have any pets currently.

If you were going on Amazing Race, which teammate would you want as a partner, and why?:

I would want Meredith Speck as my partner because she is super smart and also hilarious so we would win and have a good time.

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