How To Beat Cancer by Selling Sports Bras


McCall Zerboni and Emma Bayer in September

Can a sports bra save a life?

When that sports bra is signed by a professional athlete and sold to raise money for the Keep-A-Breast Foundation, they can.

North Carolina Courage midfielder McCall Zerboni and 11-year-old Emma Bayer have teamed up since 2010 to help raise money by selling signed sports bras from professional women’s soccer players and then donating the funds to the Keep-A-Breast Foundation.

I asked Emma’s father, David, why the duo settled on Keep-A-Breast for their fundraising efforts. “Keep-A-Breast is focused on educating young women, so it seemed like a good fit for McCall & Emma, and the players of the soccer league. KAB has been very supportive. They send us literature, which we pass on to bra buyers and contributors.”

Bayer and Zerboni don’t just stop at the once a year auction, David explained. “In September, we went up to North Carolina for McCall’s game. It was breast cancer awareness night. We had done a Gofundme and raised $620 for a local charity up there (Pretty in Pink Foundation).”

Zerboni’s teammates have more than stepped up to help the cause. Abby Dahlkemper, Ashley Hatch, Darian Jenkins, Debinha, Denise O’Sullivan, Elizabeth Eddy, Jaelene Hinkle, Katelyn Rowland, Kristen Hamilton, Lynn Williams, Makenzy Doniak, Meredith Speck, Sabrina D’Angelo, Samantha Mewis, Samantha Witteman, Steph Ochs, Taylor Smith, Kelly Glendenning, and Brittany Bock have all signed and decorated sports bras in support.

A lot can be said for the league going back to the well of making NWSL players into role models. But in this case, I think Zerboni is showing that the players do play some role in showing the next generation they can do some good in the world.

If you are interested in bidding on one of the sports bras the link can be found here. Their Facebook can be found here, MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction for Breast Cancer.

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