Grading USWNT Clothing Lines


It seems that more and more athletes are creating their own clothing lines lately and the U.S. Women’s National Team is no exception. Even though many players have had clothing lines in the past, most have since discontinued them. Currently, only four players have clothing lines that are available through their personal websites or through a direct affiliate website. Of the existing four, I have examined each of the clothing lines and in my unprofessional fashion opinion and professional fan opinion, graded them on a scale of A-F.  During the process, I will keep in mind each line’s marketing strategies, options, and overall appeal.


Grading Scale:

A- Great job. Might only need one or two slight improvements.

B- Overall good. Could improve in a few areas.

C- Not the best. Could significantly improve in many areas.

D- Clear flaws. Needs a lot of help.

F- Why did you do this?


For each clothing line I will be doing an “initial grade” and a “final grade”. I did this to show that my perception of each line changed after analysis and overall comparison.


Ashlyn Harris



Initial Grade: A-


I was aware that Ashlyn had a fairly popular line. I had seen a few of her items on Instagram, but I wasn’t aware of the extent of her line. 

Overall, her items are great. They are trendy, unique, and refreshing in a non-traditional sense–the clothing isn’t limited to articles simply featuring her name and number. 

Currently, her items are only available through her page in Sqor Sport’s Sqor Shop. And at first, this turned me off. I felt that Ashlyn having her own personal domain would be more advantageous for her as a brand. But, after browsing through Sqor Sports’ website, I realized how much foot traffic they get. They also carry other items from athletes like Odell Beckham, Jr., Peyton Manning, and Cristiano Ronaldo. This has to be helpful for her in terms of exposure and accessibility.

Ultimately, Ashlyn’s offbeat and eclectic line remains as one of the best among the four and receives a final grade of an A.   


Final Grade: A


Ali Krieger


Initial Grade: A

You have to give Ali Krieger credit. Her clothing line, available at, is always sold out. Always.

I joke that it’s harder to get her snapback than it was to buy tickets to Hamilton when the original cast was still intact.

I also obviously have a massive amount of respect and love that she is receptive to fan’s critiques, but at what point does the unavailability of her line become more inconvenient than exclusive? Her brand also only carries one hat, one T-shirt, and one cinch bag.

While all of these items are popular, I can’t give a higher final grade than a B for a line with only three items. Even if they are, apparently, topnotch.


Final Grade: B-


Hope Solo


Initial Grade: B


I’m not sure if the recent events that have transpired around Hope make her ineligible for this article (I’m trying to stick to current and active players), but I’m going to include her because her line is still available through her website.

All in all, Hope’s clothing line seemed pretty traditional. Shirts and hoodies with her name, “Hope.”, are in the forefront of her website’s store. Even though this seems pretty standard, Hope does include other items that are more sentimental and amusing.

One of my personal favorites (that I didn’t realize was a thing!), is the #GetTheGoals T-Shirt. Any true Hope Solo fan knows this is a reference to a quote from her late grandmother, who was arguably the biggest national team fan in the country. Hope gets bonus points for this alone. But, in the long run, even though her line defied a few of my expectations, I can’t give her more than an A- for a clothing line that lacks a little excitement.


Final Grade: A-


Megan Rapinoe


Initial Grade: C


With the catchy hashtag of #BeYourBestYou, and a logo that is both simple and smart, I’m sure you’re wondering why I initially rated Megan Rapinoe’s clothing brand so low.

My reasoning is this: Social. Media. Spamming.

At first, I couldn’t handle it … “Made the Olympic Squad! #BeYourBestYou,” “Flying to Madrid! #BeYourBestYou,” “Getting my hair done! “BeYourBestYou,” “Tore my ACL! #BeYourBestYou.”

Okay, the last one clearly didn’t happen, but you get my point. Like those friends you have on Facebook who sell body wraps through pyramid scheme companies, I couldn’t help but feel that she has overcompensating for an under-performing clothing line.

One day, I finally took a leap and clicked one of her many posts on Twitter …  and guys … her clothes are actually kinda cool. I respect that not all of the items have her name plastered across the front. Most of them have her message: “Be Your Best You.” It may sound campy, but it carries a meaning that is universally understood. She also carries an assortment of items from tanks and tees to beanies and track jackets.

I also love that every item is unisex and can be worn by whatever gender you may be. So, ultimately, I’m going to apologize to Megan Rapinoe. I judged your clothing line pretty harshly, but then bought my husband and myself one of your tanks and we can’t deny that they are both very soft and very versatile in terms of appearance.

I am upgrading you to an A+.


Final Grade: A+

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