Embarrassment Continues: Sky Blue Look for Unpaid Assistant Coach


If not providing adequate facilities wasn’t enough, if not paying players a proper wage wasn’t enough, if the lack of interest from current players wasn’t enough then Sky Blue FC have gone the extra mile to embarrass their organization by putting up an advertisement for an unpaid assistant coaching position.

Sky Blue FC is a New Jersey based soccer team that plays in the National Women’s Soccer League, operated by the US Soccer Federation. Despite the reveal of poor conditions for players on the field and in the checkbook, the league has done little to address ownership woes or demand changes be addressed by a given deadline. This has allowed the team to provide vague answers and now push their pettiness to from player neglect onto the coaching staff.

The position in question is listed as an Assistant Coach with the first team. Responsibilities include assisting the head coach with planning and implementing of training sessions, gameday planning and organizing and editing game footage.

All of this would be done without payment or benefits, severely limiting the candidates for the position. To make matters worse, the job goes on to describe the team as one with ambition.

“Sky Blue FC is seeking an ambitious and professional Volunteer Assistant Coach to join the team for the 2019 Season. The Volunteer Assistant Coach will assist the Head Coach in all aspects associated with operation of an NWSL team.”

Sky Blue has seen themselves fall from grace faster than any team in recent memory. Without the league stepping in to address the issues or the federation imposing punitive measures to the ownership group, they are being allowed to continue their negligence for another season.

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