» June 11, 2019

Charles has a chat with Kieran Theivam, co-author of The Making of the Women’s World Cup: Defining stories from a sport’s coming of age.  

» June 1, 2019

RJ and Charles talk about the Women’s World Cup, Tobin Heath as a Pokemon and a left back and who might win it all in France.

» June 1, 2019

RJ and Luis talk all about shin kicks, who had the better USWNT goal and being Bad as a Mother.

» May 15, 2019

RJ and Luis tackle the NWSL in week 4. They go over red cards, missed yellows and predict the next week of NWSL matches.

» April 30, 2019

Back again for week 3 of the NWSL, RJ and Luis go over the matches, predict the future and answer fan questions.

» April 25, 2019

Luis and RJ talk a lot about hypothetical USWNT rosters, NWSL action and answer fan questions on this week’s Quick Kicks.

» April 19, 2019

RJ and Charles are back to talk about that match against Sweden.

» April 16, 2019

RJ and Luis was back for week 1 of the NWSL season. They answer some fan questions, talk about the four matched played and predict the upcoming matches for week […]

» April 10, 2019

RJ and Luis are back! They answer some questions, play Does This Matter, talk USWNT and predict some NWSL games.

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