» March 25, 2019

As someone who has not been shy about their feelings on fans picking a team and sticking with them, why would I become a member of 9 different supporters groups? […]

» March 20, 2019

Raquel Rodriguez is under contract with Sky Blue FC, but has yet to make an official public appearance with the team. According to sources, this is not a coincidence, but […]

» March 20, 2019

Charles Olney (@olneyce): Welcome to our Backline Soccer slack chat for the week. It’s been a long cold winter, but the NWSL is finally on its way back, and we are […]

» March 19, 2019

In auto racing, there are times when cars are forced to use a restrictor plate over the air intake to limit the power of the engine. It’s often done under […]

» March 14, 2019

If your goal is to promote soccer in the United States, and presumably set an example, then why wouldn’t you treat your senior national teams the same?

» March 12, 2019

Last week I discussed the theory of replacement level valuation, and described some general ideas about how it can be usefully employed to think about the NWSL. This week, I […]

» March 4, 2019

Sports analytics has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past three decades. Arguably the single most important concept undergirding that explosion has been the idea of ‘replacement level.’ Indeed, […]

» March 4, 2019

Carl Gulbish was on hand to capture the USWNT vs Japan in the opening match of the SheBelieves Cup. Check out the photos below.

» February 15, 2019

Charles Olney (@olneyce): Welcome to our Backline Soccer slack chat for Valentine’s Day week. We’re going to cover the US National Team, some NWSL news, and a bit of global soccer […]

» February 6, 2019

Teams entering the 2019 National Women’s Soccer League season, which coincides with a World Cup year, would be challenged with the loss of federated players preparing for the global tournament […]

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