Catching up with Diana Matheson


Before the Spirit’s trip to Portland, I had the chance to catch up with their all-time leading scorer, Diana Matheson.

Backline Soccer (BS): With being here all 4 years, how do you feel the team and the league have grown and matured over the last 4 years?

Diana Matheson (DM): I mean it’s really improved each year both on the field and off the field. We’ve added great professional players every year and have gotten more consistency. Off the field, the league and this team is getting more and more professional.

BS: With the new additions, especially this year, your role has maybe kind of changed a little bit, how do you feel your role has changed on and off the field?

DM: I mean it’s kind of similar to last year, Mark always liked me on the wing as opposed to a midfielder, Jim has started me there most of the time as well, in this league I feel I’ve been more of a forward than a midfielder.

BS: If you could steal any 3 players from other teams and bring them over, who would they be?

DM: I feel like that’s kind of a tricky question. I’m going to go with Kim Little because she is fun to play with but she couldn’t keep number 8, she’d have to change it. Desire Scott, because she’s tough to play against so take her away from Kansas. I don’t have a third, so we’ll leave it at that.

BS: Do you and Krieger, with the upcoming Olympics, have a dinner or anything riding on it?

DM: No, no nothing, no dinners. Everyone’s got enough riding on that already, there doesn’t need to be a side bet.

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