Backline Soccer Responds to Threats to Staff


Backline Soccer is aggrieved to know that members of our staff are being bullied and threatened on social media for their affiliation with our site.

We condemn, in the strongest of terms, bullying, bigotry, and threats. There is never a call to tell someone to kill themselves. Ever.

We will continue to put out quality articles, interviews, galleries, podcasts, and, yes, opinion pieces. Because we value discourse in the world of Women’s Soccer, and we know that bonds and communities are formed through civil, respectful discourse.

Passion breeds both unity and division, but we are not afraid to take on topics that not everyone may be willing to hear with an open mind. And we will not bow down to the intimidation of our wonderful writers, editors, and staff-at-large by those who would see us cower, anonymous or not.

This is the beautiful game, and we will not let the negativity of a few soil what we love so much.

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Why in the world would someone issue threats over soccer reporting? OK maybe there some regions where people get pretty nasty. But with respect to the USWNT and the NWSL and building womens’ soccer-this really is shameful. The amount of good done in the US and overseas by these young women is too important to jeopardize and if someone doesn’t like the reporting, then there are rational ways to explain the reasons for their dislikes. But don’t go introducing this sort of stuff -hope the FBI steps in.

Nancy Lightbody

I am so sorry that your staff is being bullied and threatened. Please stay strong and continue to do what you are doing, speaking to truth. You people are great and they are cowards of the worst kind.