Backline Soccer Rejects the Banning and Dehumanizing of Immigrants and Refugees


Backline Soccer joins our fellow Americans and those around the world in condemning the illegal executive order signed by President Trump.

Our hearts ache for those treated like criminals. For those seeking refuge from war and destruction. For those legal immigrants, green-card holders, and permanent residents now barred from returning home from abroad by President Trump’s executive order. Doctors, researchers, military translators and those who have lived through unbearable horrors should never be turned away from our golden door. No one should. Our nation has long been a beacon of hope for those seeking a new beginning, epitomized by the great symbol of our nation, the Statue of Liberty, whose tablet proclaims to the world that the United States is a place of refuge for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free. And we mourn with the world the dimming of our Lady Liberty’s great symbolic light in the wake of President Trump’s actions.

We at Backline Soccer recognize that we are all the children of immigrants, and that our diverse backgrounds and beliefs are the foundation of our work. And we will never shy away from tackling the issues that affect us and the world at large. We believe in being a safe space for a wide variety of opinions. We understand that not all of our readers share in our political beliefs, nor does each staff member agree on every issue, but in this moment we understand that to remain silent is to become complicit. And we stand together.

As our country continues to make socio-political changes that affect the world around us, we will do our best to show support while still providing you with up-to-date women’s soccer coverage. Citizenship doesn’t start and end with the seven countries denied entry into the United States this past weekend. We are all citizens of a global community. Make no mistake this executive order is an attempt to ban Muslims from this country and we will not support it. 

There are at least 20 nations of the world that have players in the National Women’s Soccer League. Some have made their homes here and all have worked here to make the NWSL one of the great leagues in the world. We proudly welcome them and all others that seek a home.

In this time of confusion, uncertainty, and fear we ask all our readers to do what they can to help support inclusion, diversity, and tolerance in our nation and across the globe. America is a nation built upon these values, and we must fight to uphold our core beliefs: that all peoples are created equal, that all religions are respected, that America is a land of freedom and opportunity. 

And so, tonight we off our names in support of immigrants and refugees from the seven countries listed in the executive order and all others around the world. 


RJ Allen, Editor in Chief

Sandra Herrera, Senior Editor

Jacob Cristobal, Advisory Editor

Elizabeth Wawrzyniak, Senior Copy Editor

Alanna Fairbairn, Copy Editor

Jenn Hayes, Staff Writer

Luis G. Hernandez, Staff Writer

Leigh Nieves, Staff Writer

Jacqui Porter, Staff Writer

Jordan Small, Staff Writer

Adriana Hooper, Media Director

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