Backline Soccer Group Stage Pick ‘Em


We here at Backline Soccer love making predictions. We broke out our crystal balls to take a look at the last day of group stage games for women’s soccer.

RJ Allen and Chelsey Bush are joined by friend of the site Jacob Cristobal of It’s Still 0-0 and Sounder at Heart.


Australia vs Zimbabwe
Group F: 3:00 PM EST

RJ: Australia 

Chelsey:  Australia

Jacob Cristobal: Australia


Germany vs Canada
Group F: 3:00 PM EST

RJ Allen: Canada

Chelsey Bush: Germany

Jacob Cristobal: Germany


Colombia vs United States
Group G: 6:00 PM EST

RJ: United States

Chelsey:  United States

Jacob Cristobal: United States


New Zealand vs France
Group G: 6:00 PM EST

RJ: France

Chelsey:  France

Jacob Cristobal: France


South Africa vs Brazil
Group E: 9:00 PM EST

RJ: Brazil

Chelsey:  Brazil

Jacob Cristobal: Brazil


Sweden vs China
Group G: 9:00 PM EST

RJ: Sweden

Chelsey:  China

Jacob Cristobal: China

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