Author: RJ Allen

What Could Have Been: The 2016 NWSL All-Star Game That Wasn’t

All-Star games are a part of most major sports. A way to see the best of the best in that league square off against each other on two super teams. Some leagues, like Major League Baseball, put some importance on the game by using it to award home field advantage […]

Olympic Quarter Final Matchups Set

With the last group stage games played it’s now time for the quarterfinals of the Olympic women’s soccer tournament. On Friday, August 12th, eight teams will be paired down to four semifinalists. The winners are guaranteed at least one more game and a chance to play for either gold or bronze.  […]

Making the Case: NWSL All-Star Match

In many ways, the National Women’s Soccer League has never looked better. With last season’s post-World Cup surge in attendance, the addition of a tenth team in the Orlando Pride, and player acquisitions like Lindsey Horan and Raquel Rodriguez (not to mention the return of fan favorite and big personality […]

Just Pick an NWSL Team Already, I’m Begging You.

Hey all you new NWSL fans out there. Yeah you. I have a message for you. Pick a team. Pick an NWSL team and stick with them. For one whole season; just pick a team and stick with them. Even if they break your heart. Maybe especially if they break […]

Introducing Backline Soccer

RJ Allen: I am RJ Allen. I am the Editor in Chief of Backline Soccer. I’m joined by Chelsey Bush, who is the Managing Editor of Backline Soccer. So Chelsey, why is Backline Soccer a thing now? Chelsey Bush: We felt like it was time to devote all our attention […]

Terms of the Deal Were Not disclosed. Wait, why?

“Per league and club policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.” That sentence shows up in every story on about a player signing. Officially, no club  can create a page on their website that lists  what each of their players make. The only things we do know are that non-allocated […]