Author: Elizabeth Wawrzyniak

In Memory of Our Fallen

  Today is Memorial Day in the United States. A day set aside to remember the fallen soldiers–men and women, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, spouses, friends, mentors–who have met their end while protecting our nation. And across the NWSL, teams and players took a moment to give their […]

A Comedy of Errors, an Open Letter to the NWSL

Congratulations on a fifth season.  I’d say “historic” fifth season but at this point, every new season is historic, so what’s the point? Still, it’s a big deal, and I’m thrilled to be watching as the ten teams in the league compete to lead the table this year. And when […]

U.S. Soccer Announces NWSL Allocations for 2017

After yesterday’s exciting news that a new 5-year CBA agreement had been reached, the USSF followed today with the names of those players to be allocated in the NWSL this season. 22 players across nine teams in the league will have their salary paid for by US Soccer, an arrangement that […]

Down to 25: NWSL Preseason Rosters Updated

Teams across the league released updated preseason rosters, cutting down from their 30+ player lists to just 25. Just an FYI if, like us, you find yourself counting names, a few teams will have more than 25 players listed, due to listing selected players as “Out of Market” or NYR […]

Kickbacks: Five Things about the Roster for Russia

Earlier this morning, US Soccer released a 24-player roster in anticipation of the Women’s Team’s upcoming friendlies against Russia. Back together in a week! 👊 Ellis names 24 players for April training camp and friendlies vs. Russia: — U.S. Soccer WNT (@ussoccer_wnt) March 23, 2017 The two-leg set […]