Author: Charles Olney

» June 6, 2018

Charles Olney (@olneyce): Let’s start things off with a quick round of discussion about the national team friendlies coming up against China. What do people expect from these games? Is there […]

» June 1, 2018

Today I want to challenge one of the most durable, and least well-founded, myths in women’s soccer: the idea that there is an “international level,” where play is more difficult […]

» May 29, 2018

Welcome to a new feature here at Backline: our weekly soccer chat. This week, we discussed the new USWNT roster, Lyon’s victory in the Champions League, and the continuing saga […]

» May 25, 2018

Going into the 2017 NWSL season, the Chicago Red Stars were widely regarded as a leading contender for the title. Through the first ten games, they seemed to be living […]

» May 21, 2018

NWSL fans deserve better. This is true for pretty much any issue you could identify—better stadium experiences, better coverage, better writing, better everything—but today I want to focus on one […]

» May 8, 2018

Sky Blue knew this would be a difficult year, but they didn’t know it would start out this rough. After four games, they’ve managed only one solitary point. And while […]

» April 20, 2018

Organizing a defense is hard, and the job gets even more difficult when you remember that preventing the other team from scoring is only half of the game. Today, I […]

» March 29, 2018

This offseason, the Reign said goodbye to their longtime coach Laura Harvey, and quite a few players as well. For many fans, this movement was disconcerting. Even for those who […]

» March 23, 2018

Predictions are a mug’s game, but I’m a mug, so here we are. For these predictions, I’ve assigned an order, and my rough estimation of the chance of each team […]

» March 13, 2018

It’s been a busy offseason in Houston, with the arrival of a new head coach and some significant roster turnover. Given all that change, it may take some time for […]

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