Author: Charles Olney

» July 3, 2019

It wasn’t pretty, but they eventually got the job done. The Netherlands were favorites coming into the match and had just enough to make good on that promise. But those […]

» July 3, 2019

The US defeated England last night, in one of the most thrilling games of the tournament. It had everything: Great goals, great passes, a goal taken away by VAR, a […]

» July 3, 2019

On paper, Sweden and the Netherlands is a less enticing matchup than the showdown between the US and England that we saw last night. There certainly isn’t as much pedigree. […]

» July 2, 2019

England enter the semifinals in good form, fresh off their best performance of the tournament—a 3-0 defeat of Norway. That match demonstrated both their strengths and weaknesses. It therefore provides […]

» July 1, 2019

Two of the world’s four best teams will not be competing in the Olympic Women’s Soccer tournament in 2020. France and Germany, due to their elimination in the quarterfinals of […]

» June 29, 2019

Italy 0 – 2 Netherlands This was always going to be a tough challenge for Italy, and they gave it a real go. But after the teams came back out […]

» June 28, 2019

The main reason the US is better than France isn’t that the US has better players, though they do. And the US certainly isn’t better than France because they have […]

» June 27, 2019

England have played five games in the World Cup, and won all five. After the events surrounding their 3-0 victory over Cameroon ended up overwhelming any conversation about their actual […]

» June 26, 2019

After a lovely trip to Newcastle and a conference on social and political philosophy concluded, I am back in France and ready to brave the weather to see some exciting […]

» June 25, 2019

Round of 16: Day 4 Two fantastic games today to finish up the octofinals. Tomorrow is a day off, and then things get even more intense. If that’s possible. Italy […]

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