Amanda Duffy Should Be the Next NWSL Commissioner


Earlier today Jeff Plush announced he is stepping down as the Commissioner of the NWSL. While the NWSL has released a statement saying that they will soon begin a nationwide search to find a new commissioner, honestly, they should look no further than their new Managing Director of Operations, Amanda Duffy.

Now, I’m not even sure if Duffy wants this job. She’s only been a part of the NWSL for a few months, but I’m taking it upon myself to start and run this campaign for her.

Duffy has a history of rising to the top of any organization she works for. After her pro career, Amanda worked for the USL as an intern and quickly moved up to the League Operations Administrator. She was then named their Director of Operations.

Then after several years of being an all-around badass for the USL, Duffy was hired to be the Senior Director of the W-League in 2010 and stayed there until 2014 when she was hired as Vice President of Operations for Louisville City FC. When Duffy got to Louisville City, it didn’t take her long (literally two months) to become General Manager of the team. Less than a year later she was named President of Louisville City where she stayed until this past fall when she was hired into the NWSL family.

Oh, did I mention she did all of this in less than 10 years?

Are you all seeing the trend here? She’s a boss. She embodies the Stronger, Faster, Further work ethic of the NWSL league for sure (though we’re pretty confident that she’d come up with a better marketing strategy than 2016’s Furt campaign, no doubt). And she’s a woman who not only deserves to be the commissioner of a league we all know and love, but a someone who extremely capable of doing so. (She’s also a boss who was nice enough to let us interview her while she was still at Lou City.)

So, you heard it here first. Backline Soccer endorses Amanda Duffy as the NWSL Commissioner.

Start the hashtag now.


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