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Backline Soccer covers women’s soccer in the United States. We look at both the United States national team (USWNT) and the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). We also check in with leagues from around the world.

Editorial Staff

RJ Allen
       Editor-in-Chief and Founder

Sandra Herrera
       Senior Editor and Founder

Elizabeth Wawrzyniak
       Content Editor

Jacob Cristobal
       Advisory Editor and Staff Writer

Editing and Writing Staff

Alanna Fairbairn
       Copy Editor

Chantelle DeRose
       Staff Writer

Charles Olney
       Copy Editor and Staff Writer

Leigh Nieves
       Staff Writer

Luis G. Hernandez
       Staff Writer

Jacqui Porter
       Staff Writer

Jenn Hayes
       Staff Writer

Jordan Small
       Staff Writer

Photo Staff

Kelley V Piper
       Senior Site Photographer

Leanne Keator
       Site Photographer

Media Staff

Adriana Hooper
       Senior Social Media Strategist

Alyssa Zajac
       Social Media Strategist

Becca Kimble
       Social Media Strategist

Caitlin de Souza
       Social Media Strategist

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