A New Take: Backline Soccer’s Focus in 2018


2017 was a a crazy ride. We grew as a site and as people covering women’s soccer, we said goodbye to some and welcomed in others.

And we learned a lot about what we liked to do and what didn’t work as well for us.

So we’ve made some adjustments and going forward we’re going to focus our energy in what we hope are the most useful ways to make the biggest and best impact.

So that leads to the question of what will be focusing on going forward?

We’re going to focus on two different areas: a mix of breaking news, weekly series and long form writing, and a trio of podcasts to help fill in content, because podcasting is something we as a site enjoy partaking in. And of course our photos aren’t going anywhere. 


Let’s talk about podcasting.

Podcasting is my personal favorite form of communication when it comes to women’s soccer and something the site as a whole is dedicated to.

Coming in 2018 we will have three different shows. Yes, three.

The Scouting Report

We will have an updated version of The Scouting Report. There, myself and my co-hosts Becca Kimble and Lindsay Schwarz will recap of all of the NWSL or USWNT action from the past week along with delusions and weekly awards. We’ve moved to a prerecorded format to make it easier for us to have longer conversations and to plan out some aspects of the show.

The 123rd Minute

Both Charles Onley and I will be back with 123rd Minute. There is where we take an in depth look at the issues around women’s soccer, from “who should be in the hall of fame” to “do goalkeepers matter.” This is a long form piece in podcast form. We sometimes have great guests on as well.

TSR Quick Kicks

And if two podcasts weren’t enough, I am happy to announce TSR Quick Kicks. It will be a live show on YouTube with Luis Hernandez and me talking about that week’s women’s soccer news, and then doing a Q and A. The news portion will be put up on YouTube for a quick 20 or 30 minute guide to the news that you can play on your way to work or while making dinner.

Written Pieces

On the writing side we’re aiming in three directions.

The first focus will be on breaking news, with rosters moves being the biggest area. As much as we wish we could have a staff of 5 or 6 writing up each bit of news, we don’t have the staff for that. We’ll try to get everyone up on our Twitter feed, but the major pieces will be written up to give important updates on things like USWNT rosters, NWSL roster moves and updates on players and teams.

Next up is the weekly pieces that we all know and love. These weekly columns from the different writers on the site are key for us and we want to make sure that we put a focus on making them part of your weekly women’s soccer habit.

The third area is our long form opinion pieces and interviews, covering things that aren’t in the breaking news or weekly pieces arena that take an in depth look at the teams and players of women’s soccer. We are looking to write more series with multiple writers like we did in “Why We Can’t Stick to Sports” earlier in the year. We’re hoping to bring a more thoughtful feel to our coverage in this area. 

There are some things we won’t be doing next year that we did this year.

Gone are the days of us live tweeting games from the main Backline Soccer Twitter account. Now we will highlight which of our writers are live tweeting so you can follow along with the writer of your choice and we won’t clutter up your feed.

We will keep our previews and recaps of games to The Scouting Report outside of playoff games for the NWSL and important USWNT games. There are a lot of sites that do previews and recaps and we feel TSR does a pretty great job doing it themselves.

We hope all of you have a relaxing off season and here is to a great 2018 for us all. 

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