A Backline Soccer Apology to Off the Post


Backline Soccer would like to apologize for the Twitter account incident that occurred this morning. Told that the Off the Post account would be changed into a personal account by one of our joint members, we asked the individual to consider letting us take over the account to continue to provide in-the-moment soccer coverage to followers and fans. We saw it as a way to both continue the legacy of what Off the Post (OTP) had started, as well as to broaden our own existing base.

We were mislead by this individual, who assured us that she had received permission to transfer the account to us, and were excited to expand our coverage. However, we were quickly made aware that what we had been told was not true, and that OTP had neither been informed nor given their permission.

In a panic, we attempted to remedy the situation, but a subsequent misjudgment resulted in the account being deleted.

We know that there are some who believe it was deleted deliberately out of spite. And we understand why. We can only assure you that it was not, that it was an accident. And we would like to extend our deepest apologies to the wonderful staff of OTP. First for the misinformation that led us to take the account, and second for destroying your work as we panicked over what had happened and how to make it right.

We have turned the account back over to the members of OTP that brought the transgression to our attention. 

We hope that you can forgive our mistakes. And we would like to rectify them in whatever ways we can.

First, we have let the individual whose actions led to this situation go. There is no place for lies and deception here.

Second, we would like to begin a series of promotional tweets urging our followers and listeners to check out OTP if they are not already fans.

Third, after some time to heal has happened we’d be more than happy to have a member of OTP work with Backline on a podcast, written work or another project. 

Again we are deeply sorry for the actions we took today. 

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