Month: March 2018

NWSL QuickLook: Week Two

This week, we combine the confusion of overfull rosters following the Boston Breakers shutdown with the return of the Australians from international duty. Predictions are meaningless in the face of such wholesale and paradigmatic abstraction. Plus they are hard to do. Houston v. Utah – March 30 @ 8 pm ET […]

The Deep Dive: 5 Things Every NWSL Fan Should Do This Season

Congratulations, women’s soccer fans! We made it! The season has officially begun and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. No longer will we have to go through NWSL withdrawals. No longer will we have to mark down the days on our calendars. No longer will we have to […]

Route Two Soccer: 2018 NWSL Season Predictions

Predictions are a mug’s game, but I’m a mug, so here we are. For these predictions, I’ve assigned an order, and my rough estimation of the chance of each team making the playoffs. What should quickly become clear is that I think this league has four tiers, with clear separation […]