2009 to 2013: The Golden Age of USWNT Videos


There was once a golden age of USWNT videos. From around 2009 until 2013, videos of soccer tennis, holidays, birthdays and all sorts of things ruled the day.

And then the darkness came and these videos, which looked like someone filmed them on their iPhone, were replaced with glossy videos. So today in honor of the golden age, we visit some of my personal favorite videos. Just a note, I mostly stayed away from “Studio 90”, “Behind the Crest” and the “Back Home” Series. Go watch them all.  This is more a list of the one off and funny videos you might not know about.

So, on to the funny, the odd and the occasionally touching look at the golden age of USWNT videos.

Warning: This list is neither exhaustive nor is it in any particular order.

The New Kids Videos

Maybe a cheat because 1) There are 4 videos and I’m counting it as 1 and 2) They weren’t all from the golden age. And to that I say, New Kids don’t care about no rules.

WNT Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

There was a time when the USWNT had 4 Stanford alumnae on the team. I mean other than 2017 with Jane Campbell, Andi Sullivan, Christen Press and Kelley O’Hara. In 2013 it was Nicole Barnhart, Rachel Buehler, Christen Press and Kelley O’Hara. To see which of the younger two was smarter they played a game.

Classic Castle & WNT Wizards and The WNT Hits the Links

The USWNT took to Scotland before the 2012 Olympics and had two of the greatest videos that have ever been made. There isn’t much I can say about these videos that will do justice to them. From Kelley O’Hara falling after being “sniped” to Syd Leroux’s golf swing both are a delightful way to remember a time the USWNT wasn’t out of the Olympics before the final.

Rock Hard Abs on the WNT

Heather O’Reilly is a USWNT fan favorite, both for her play on the field and her personality off of it. This video is a pretty great showing off the second. O’Reilly and Lori Chalupny talk about a WPS game where Chalupny’s hand broke off of HAO’s rock hard abs.

Studio 90: Two Captains, Two Champions

I mostly have stayed away from Studio 90 but for this one I am willing to make an exception. There was a time when Julie (Johnston) Ertz was not a near permanent member of the USWNT. This video shows her close but not quite there yet as she and then captain Christie Pearce chat. One of the less funny but one of my personal favorites.

USWNT Does Celebrations: WNT Halloween in Mexico, WNT Holiday Party, WNT Birthday Party in Juarez, Mexico: Stephanie Cox

These three videos are great. Just great. They serve as a reminder just how much things like birthdays and holidays the team does together around camps and games. When you are together more days than you’re apart you have little choice but to become family. 

And how many videos show players getting thrown in a pool?

Sisters 4 Life

AKA Kristie and Sam Mewis answer weird questions about each other for our amusement. This video has some of the best (worst) graphics you could ask for. Along with odd questions and teenage Kristie and Sam. Some of the best entertainment there is out there. 

Cheese Tasting with Becky and Bue

Let’s face it. Becky Sauerbrunn is one of the wittiest people we wish we knew. And in video we get to see that wit in full force. She and the Buehldozer aka Rachel (Buehler) Van Hollebeke go on a cheese tasting adventure. Also Carli kicked Bue in the face beforehand so her nose is black and blue.

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